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Recycle your Batteries with Us

Recycle your Batteries with Us 18 June 2019

Did you know that each year in the UK we throw away around 600 million batteries?

Laid end-to-end these batteries would reach from the UK to Australia and back again. That is a lot of batteries!

Batteries can be found in every room in the house. They are used in electrical and electronic items, for example: toys, remote controls, mobile phones, alarm clocks and even doorbells. In fact, every person in Britain uses about 10 batteries a year!

Most batteries are put into rubbish bins and then taken to landfill sites. There are different types of batteries which can contain dangerous chemicals including: lead,cadmium, zinc, lithium and even mercury.

When batteries begin to rot away in landfill sites these chemicals may leak into the ground, which can cause soil and water pollution. When chemicals contaminate soil and water animals, humans and the environment can be harmed.

Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. Each battery placed in a recycling bin will be taken apart and the materials will be used to make something new.

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Fetch your batteries in to our offices or alternatively pass them to our drivers when they deliver. We’ll make sure they never see a landfill site and that their components are recycled. Here’s a little more info on the types of battery we take and the uses for their components.

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