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Envelope guide

Envelope guide 13 March 2017

Our handy envelope size guide below will help you work out which standard size envelope you’ll need, plus hopefully give you a good understanding of envelope sizing for the future.

Envelope Sizes

If you’re interested… DL originally stood for ‘DIN Lang’ which was of German origin, but nowadays it is commonly stands for ‘Dimension Lengthwise’. There are some other envelope sizes that are used today but we have put the most common sizes you’ll need below. We supply a huge range of envelopes so please just ask if you can’t find what you’re looking for. A standard DL envelope measures 110mm x 220mm, this is what most people consider a “letter envelope”.



Standard Everyday envelopes for normal correspondence
Board back The envelope has a cardboard back for items that must not be bent, creased or folded
Gusset An expanding envelope with a concertina construction allowing thicker and bulkier items to be sent
Padded and Bubble Lined The envelope is lined with either felt padding “padded” or bubble wrap material “Bubble lined” which is ideal for sending fragile items.



The 2 orientations are called Pocket where the flap is on the shorter edge and Wallet where the flap is on the longer edge.


The flap of the envelope is sealed by one of 3 methods:

Gummed Envelopes Gummed Moisten the flap to seal
Self Seal Self Seal Simply apply pressure to the seal which will then stick.
Peel and Seal Peel & Seal Peel off a protective strip and then apply pressure. This method does give the envelope a longer shelf life


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