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Why Kim Kardashian would be terrible at our job.

Why Kim Kardashian would be terrible at our job. 25 July 2017

What a gal! Kim Kardashian was voted hottest woman in the world, is married to one of media’s most hot-headed egomaniacs (Mr. K West himself), has appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine, and is an integral part of what is arguably reality television’s most juicy trophy show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

So what can’t she do? Well, we’d like to argue that with all of her **excellent** qualities, she’d struggle enormously as a BOSS Stationeer.

We love to give our customers the very best quality and value for money, as well as unbeatable customer service! Kim, on the other hand, has been quoted referring to herself as a “true businesswoman” and very “frugal.” This is evident in her choice to wait a while before building an in-home basketball court for her beloved – sometimes a girl’s got to make sacrifices.

One need only take to social media selfie distributing platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, to discover that Kim is truly a master of publicising the daily ins and outs of her life – both the things we’d like to see and those we’d rather not. And though these are highly desirable skills to have, we’re more into selling high-quality products such as the very softest and most luxurious loo paper, or the comfiest, most work inducing office chair, and less into selling ourselves.

On the manual side of things we’re always very busy packaging and delivering goods, making sure everything is moving forward on time, and sometimes things get a little hot and sweaty. Now we’re not saying Mrs. Kardashian-West is impractical, but I’m sure you can see how this might be a problem for the queen of makeup contouring and luscious hair.  It can be a tricky business and not the type of thing that any old Tom, Dick, or Kim is cut out to handle.

At Boss, we encourage creativity and resourcefulness and admire the quality of finding new, more efficient ways of doing things. We like to see beauty in the small stuff. We value kindness and integrity. And although we’re amused by Kim and Kanye naming their children after the points on a compass (Mr. West Jnr), we find that it is too much on the side of the cruelty for us to condone. We have more of a soft spot for names such as Office Stationery, Multipurpose Labels, and, of course, good old BIC biros and pens. You know, things that have a pleasant, and tasteful ring to them.

To be sure, Kim Kardashian has a wide array of highly enviable skills and assets, such as social networking (amazing what one can do with the right motivations and friends), being a fashion icon (of sorts), getting married, sneaky business knowledge (we have to give it to her), a figure which men and women worldwide dream of (albeit in different ways), a pretty face, a husband who never ceases to amaze with his temper or clothes line, and a family who are able to make a mountain out of a grain of sand.These are all very true and quite astounding, but we’re pretty sure she’d make an atrocious provider of office equipment.

For the above reasons, we have to say, thanks, Kim but it’s a ‘no’ from us.

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