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How do I get money for unused inks and toners

How do I get money for unused inks and toners 23 May 2017

When a printer gives up the ghost it is typical to have at least one toner or cartridge for it sat on the shelf. In most cases this has never been opened, but suddenly becomes worthless to you. In the case of toners you may have paid £100 or more for them. We have a solution which will help you to recover some of the money you paid for it, but the faster you act the more money your cartridge will be worth, if you have ever looked for a new printer that takes your old cartridges you’ll know they are quite hard to find because manufacturers tend to reinvent their consumables for a new range of machines to make more money and to prevent the loss of their consumable business to the compatible and reamanufacture market.

It has been calculated that Over 60% of offices in the UK have obsolete toners and cartridges in their stock cupboard. With our Cartridge Cashback solution, you can trade lots of this surplus stock into credits for your business. This is far better than them becoming expensive bin food or wasting storage space for a few years before they do.

Whether they are in top condition, in defaced or damaged packaging or even missing their original box, Cartridge Cashback could provide you with a way of converting your redundant stock back into money.

The value of your redundant ink or toners  is dictated by the individual product code and its condition. To make life simple, there’s an ABC grading system which will enable you to easily identify which grade your cartridge falls into. Full details are on our Cartridge Cashback page and can be found by clicking here


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