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2018 A New Year A Fresh Start

2018 A New Year A Fresh Start 18 January 2018

Every time the date swings around to 01/01 we turn a page. We automatically think about new starts or challenges and about the things we didn’t do last year. You have a great opportunity to write a new chapter and to make things better for yourself, but after all the festivities and with the clouds at head height and the cold wind biting it’s not easy to be positive. Now is the time to think about what you want to acheive at work. Making goals now will give you the most time to acheive them within this calendar year. It’s a very positive thing, to challenge yourself and will ultimately improve you. Try and incorporate the following points into your thinking and hopefully you will turn those resoltuions into powerful goals which will be acheived.

Now it’s very important to have a goal. Whether it’s  saving money, managing your time better or developing yourself in some way. Pick a project for yourself for the year ahead.

Every goal needs a plan, but you have a whole year. Break the plan down into monthly or even weekly targets, that way if you get off track you’ll know about it before it’s too late.

Willpower may not be enough. Share your goal with others to help keep your motivation up. If someone else knows your goal, they may even be able to help you achieve it, either way the goal is far more likely to be reached when shared, rather than an aspiration of your own.

Your goal needs to be achievable, don’t set yourself up to fail.

Each step towards your goal deserves a pat on the back. Make sure you take time to recognise your achievements.

Always keep your goal in the back of your mind, picture the finish line regularly and remind yourself how you will feel when your goal is reached.

Reflection is great in small measure. When you achieve your goal, evaluate your methods and note possible improvements. Then start thinking about your next goal.


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